• Servicing of Marine Diesel Engines/Auxiliary Diesel Engines

  • Pump: centrifugal, reciprocating, rotary (screw and gear)

  • Air compressors and Heat Exchanges

  • Maintenance of Marine and industrial Engineering System

  • Setting up of Preventive maintenance System (PMS) For Vessels and industries

  • General Mechanical Systems

  • Diesel engines repairs & overhauling

  • Rotating Equipment

  • Mobile and Industrial hydraulics 

  • Machinery Survey

  • Boiler Survey

  • Bunker Survey

  • On & Off hire Survey

  • Damage Survey

  • Docking/Bottom survey tail shaft survey

  • Marine casualty Investigation

  • Marine Pollution (MARPOL) inspection

  • Ship Inspection

Here at the CITA we offer an exceptional range of short on-demand and bespoke courses at our office in Tema, Ghana. Our range of courses range from Project Management, HV Power, Electrical Engineering / Maintenance, Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Power, Engineering Design, Process Improvement and many more. Our training is designed to meet the demand and needs of industry



CITA offers a comprehensive engineering design service,covering the complete life cycle of a product ; i.e conceptual design,feasibility studies design ,detailed design to manufacturing. Our areas of specialties includes : 

  • Mechanical Design 

  • Electrical Systems Design 

  • Structural design 

  • Hydraulics Design

  • 2D Drafting 

  • 3D modelling 


  • Manufacturer’s representatives

  • Crew manning

  • Supply of manpower (technical, ships and drilling rig crews) and management

  • Technical stores and procurement services

  • Marine offshore support services

  • Technical & logistics service for oil & gas industry


  • Oil and gas industry service

  • Process instrumentation

  • Electrical systems & automation

  • Generators/Automatic voltage regulators/ Boilers

  • Diesel engines repairs & overhauling

  • Power and distribution transformers

  • Reefer container/ air condition repairs and installations

  • Crane / Elevators Repairs

  • Marine/Industrial HVAC systems

  • Hatch cleaning and painting

  • Hydraulic Power Unit

  • installation of industrial air conditioning 

  • Refrigerated container cargo (Reefer)

  • Rewinding of heavy industrial motors and generators

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